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25 years of fighting for human rights in Burma!

This year we mark our 25th anniversary. From our beginnings as a small solidarity group in the wake of the military crackdown after the 1990 election in Burma, we have built the campaign to become the leading Burma campaign group in the world, working with activists from Burma to achieve real change.

Our goal is to reach £25,000.


We've already raised £14,544! Will you help us reach our target?

Burma Day Walk June 2016

On Saturday 11th June, a fantastic team of our supporters, volunteers and staff for our Burma Tour will be taking part in a sponsored walk, 15 miles across London for our Burma Tour - along the route we’ll be hearing about Burmese places of interest in London. We are walking to raise money for our campaign to end human rights abuses in Burma.

Our goal is to reach € 3,000.


We've already raised € 760! Will you help us raise another € 2,240?


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