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Why won’t Liz Truss support justice for the Rohingya?

The International Court of Justice is hearing a case on whether or not genocide was committed against the Rohingya. Despite calls for the British government to join the case, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss refuses to do so.

Email Liz Truss now calling on her to announce the UK will join the genocide case at the International Court of Justice.

Tell Pakistan to stop arming the Burmese military

Tell the Prime Minister of Pakistan to stop arming the Burmese military.

Pakistan is selling fighter jets, missiles, guns and grenade launchers to the Burmese military. These weapons will be used by the Burmese military to attack and kill civilians and drive thousands more people from their homes.

Email the Prime Minister of Pakistan demanding he stops arming the Burmese military.

Senators Young and McConnell: Stop Protecting the Burmese Military

President Biden is failing to take effective action to stop the flow of money and arms to the Burmese military.

The main hope now to finally force more effective action against the military is the BURMA Act. Last week it passed in the House of Representatives with bi-partisan support, but in the Senate it is being blocked by two Senators, Todd Young and Mitch McConnell.

Tell Young and McConnell to stop protecting the Burmese military.


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