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Tell the UN Security Council to act to prevent a new military offensive

The Burmese military is building up troops and equipment in Chin State and neighbouring areas in North-Western Burma.

Email British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss now calling on her to convene an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council to prevent any possible military offensive.

UN Secretary General must lead the international response to the coup

Join activists in Burma demanding António Guterres, the UN Secretary General, personally lead UN efforts to respond to the coup and Covid crisis in Burma.

Burma is in the grip of a third wave of Covid, which has been killing thousands of people a day. The military is using it as an opportunity to target opponents and try to force people to accept its rule, restricting access to oxygen and other assistance.

It is time for the UN to act!

Sign and share the petition today.

We need 2,000 signatures.


1,106 have signed the petition. Will you help us reach 2,000?

Ask your elected Representative to help the people of Myanmar

Ask your elected Representative to help the people of Myanmar

Day after day the people of Burma are taking to the streets to protest military rule.

Peaceful protesters are being shot and killed, beaten and arrested, and having stun grenades and tear gas fired at them. Yet still every day they come back, resisting the military coup. Their bravery is incredible.


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