25 years of fighting for human rights in Burma!

Burma Campaign UK has been fighting for human rights in Burma for 25 years. From our beginnings as a small solidarity group in the wake of the military crackdown after the 1990 election in Burma, we have built the campaign to become the leading Burma campaign group in the world, working with activists from Burma to achieve real change.

With our supporters, we have stood in solidarity with activists in Burma in their struggle for human rights and democracy.

Over 25 years, we have helped secure the release of thousands of political prisoners. We have helped ensure aid has reached hundreds of thousands of people who have fled attacks by the Burmese Army. We have played a leading role in mobilising international attention and pressure on the military regime in Burma.

25 years on, we can see how your support has made a difference. We can see dramatic changes in Burma. But the job isn’t done yet. People in Burma, especially from ethnic and religious minorities, are still asking for our support. We must work to make sure that those most vulnerable are not left behind.

After 25 years, we have a lot to celebrate but also a lot of work ahead.