Bangaldesh: Lift internet ban for Rohingya refugees

The coronavirus is now in the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh. Thankfully, it does not appear to have spread too widely yet.

But at the moment Bangladesh is making it harder for aid agencies, local charities and the Rohingya themselves to make to fight the virus.

The government has banned internet access for the refugees, stopping mobile phone operators providing services there. That is making it harder for agencies and communities to communicate and organise, and also preventing essential life-saving information from reaching people.

False rumours have been spreading in the camps, preventing people from seeking medical care.

They also have lots of restrictions on international aid agencies operating in the camps. Local charities face fewer restrictions but still can’t operate freely. Rohingya community groups in the camps also face restrictions on what they can do.

Email the Prime Minister of Bangladesh now asking her to permanently lift the internet ban and restrictions on those providing aid.