Chancellor Jeremy Hunt: listen to backbencher Jeremy Hunt and reverse aid cuts

On 22 November, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt presents the Autumn Statement, setting out UK spending until the next budget. Can you write to him and ask him to reinstate UK aid spend to previous levels?

When British aid was cut in 2020 from 0.7% to 0.5% of national income by then Chancellor Rishi Sunak, Jeremy Hunt strongly opposed the cuts. He said in Parliament: “To cut our aid budget by a third in a year when millions more will fall into extreme poverty will make not just them poorer but us poorer in the eyes of the world.”

In Burma, we have seen the stark reality of British aid cuts. 70% of aid has been cut since the attempted military coup in 2021, and aid to Rohingya refugees has been cut by 80%.

Please email Jeremy Hunt and ask him to support his own conviction and increase aid.

  • S Ban Y 19.04.2024 15:43
  • ZA DAL T 11.04.2024 08:41
  • Thagay W 22.03.2024 04:27