David Cameron: implement government policies on Burma

The policy of the British government towards Burma is pretty good.

The problem is, they are not implementing it.

  • The British government supports targeted sanctions to cut the flow of money to the military, but are implementing sanctions far too slowly and have still not sanctioned key sources of revenue to the military.
  • The British government supports cutting the flow of arms to the military, but when the Prime Minister and government ministers go to India, a major arms supplier to the military, they don’t even mention it.
  • The British government supports the Rohingya genocide case at the International Court of Justice (World Court), but won’t call a UN Security Council meeting on the fact that the Burmese military are ignoring the World Court orders to prevent ongoing genocide.
  • The British government supports stopping the supply of aviation fuel to the Burmese military, but won’t support sanctions stopping British companies being involved in delivering aviation fuel to Burma. 

Email British Foreign Secretary David Cameron now calling on him to implement government policies.


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