One year in prison with hard labour for travelling without permission

Ma Hla Phyu, a Rohingya teacher, was arrested on 23rd May 2018 and sentenced to one year in prison with hard labour, just for travelling without permission from the government.

Please write to the President of Burma, Win Myint, urging him to immediately and unconditionally release Ma Hla Phyu and repeal all repressive laws.


Ma Hla Phyu, 23 years old, had to flee her home five years ago with her family after racist mobs and security forces attacked Rohingya villages. Since then her family have been living in one of several giant prison camps where Rohingya who fled violence in 2012 have been forced to live. She was working as a volunteer teacher at a school in the camp.
She was arrested on 23rd May for attempting to travel to Rangoon without permission from the government. She had twice asked for permission to leave, but been refused. The Burmese government refuses to give the Rohingya citizenship in their own country, and without it they can’t travel, can’t access higher education. The lack of citizenship underpins the prejudice and human rights violations against the Rohingya.  

Please take action to free Ma Hla Phyu and to ensure that no-one in Burma is denied their rights and citizenship because the government doesn’t like their ethnicity or religion.