Sanction Aviation Fuel Now

The Burmese military is using its air force to indiscriminately bomb civilians.

Hundreds of people have been killed. Homes, schools, hospitals and churches have been damaged or destroyed.

A large proportion of almost three million people forced to flee their homes since the military coup in 2021 have fled because of airstrikes or the threat of airstrikes. 

Without aviation fuel the jets can’t fly. If they can’t fly, they can’t bomb.

Tell the British government to sanction aviation fuel now.

  • Max L 18.05.2024 05:10
  • Che Va Htoo S 17.05.2024 23:33
  • Zay Yar W 16.05.2024 08:54
  • Khant S 15.05.2024 11:42
  • Win T 15.05.2024 03:49
  • Bill M 14.05.2024 22:14