Stop Rohingya being sent to giant prison camps in Burma

Burma and Bangladesh are planning to send tens of thousands of Rohingya who fled to Bangladesh back to Burma.

Rohingya in Bangladesh haven’t been consulted about the deal, but most say they don’t want to return until it's safe.

Rohingya won’t be allowed to return to their villages, which have been destroyed. Instead they are being sent to giant prison camps. Rohingya put there will not be allowed to live elsewhere or travel freely. 

The government of Burma hasn’t changed any of the laws and policies which discriminate against the Rohingya, and cannot guarantee that the military won’t attack them again when they return.

The government of Burma doesn’t have the resources to build and maintain these prison camps, they can only do it with international support. Incredibly, the governments of Japan and India are providing that support. The Japanese government has pledged $3m and the Indian government has pledged money and offered to construct buildings in the camps. The Burmese government says 80 people will be forced to live in each building.

Tell the Indian and Japanese government not to support Rohingya repatriation until Rohingya agree to return voluntarily and their rights are guaranteed, including citizenship rights.