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Repeal the Unlawful Associations Act (1908)

The Unlawful Associations Act is used by the Burmese authorities to intimidate and arrest political activists. It is also most commonly used against members of ethnic minorities in Burma. Many political prisoners who were arrested during the period of direct military rule were charged under this act. Section 17/1 is the most commonly used section of this act.

Repeal Section 66 (d) of the Telecommunications Law

The Telecommunications Law was introduced in 2013 and since then it has been used repeatedly to restrict freedom of speech and expression. Defamation charges under Section 66 (d) of the law have been brought against reporters, politicians and social media users. Many people have been arrested for criticising the military, the government or merely posting on Facebook.

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Burma Campaign UK has been fighting for human rights in Burma for 25 years. From our beginnings as a small solidarity group in the wake of the military crackdown after the 1990 election in Burma, we have built the campaign to become the leading Burma campaign group in the world, working with activists from Burma to achieve real change.

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