Two Kachin Teachers Raped and Murdered By Burmese Army – Will British Government Fail To Act Again?

In the early hours of 20th January 2015, two ethnic Kachin teachers, Maran Lu Ra (20 years old) and Tangbau Hkawn Nan Tsin (21 years old), were brutally raped and killed by Burmese Army soldiers who had recently arrived in their village.

The British government has said that ending sexual violence in conflict is one of their top foreign policy goals. Yet when it comes to Burma, instead of taking action to end impunity, they simply say the Burmese government should investigate, knowing full well they never have conducted a genuine investigation.

The British government could immediately take three practical steps to help stop rape in Burma, but so far they have refused to do so.  Will you take action to persuade them to act?

Email the Foreign Secretary now.

The three steps:

  • Step One: The British government has set up teams of experts to investigate cases like this. They should lobby the Burmese government at the highest level to allow a team to be sent to Burma.
  • Step Two: Stop training the Burmese Army until they take concrete action to end impunity for rape, and take other steps to prevent rape.
  • Step Three: Support an international investigation into rape and sexual violence in Burma. These rapes are war crimes, and the UN should establish an inquiry.