UK is abandoning Rohingya refugees with 82% cut in aid

The British government is abandoning Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. Aid has been cut by 82%.

Rohingya refugees are already living in squalid conditions and 40% of Rohingya children are suffering from stunted growth because they are not getting enough food.

  • The World Food Program announced they are cutting Rohingya food provisions by 17%, with further cuts likely if aid is not increased.
  • In financial year 2022-2023 the British government has only provided a total of £20.26 million in aid to the camps, down from £112.36 million in 2019-2020.

Rohingya refugees are genocide survivors, and they cannot return to Burma as long as the military cling on to power. We can’t let hundreds of thousands of children go hungry.  

Email the British Foreign Secretary now calling on him to reverse aid cuts to Rohingya refugees and save lives.


  • Elizabeth T 12.02.2024 10:40