EU must sanction military companies, not just military leaders

On Monday 22nd March, European Union Foreign Ministers will meet and make a decision on which military leaders and companies the EU will sanction.

It is essential that the EU does more than just sanction a few individuals.

No-one believes the military leaders have any assets in the EU to freeze. And a visa ban means they can’t take holidays in EU member states.

If all the EU does is ban military leaders taking holidays in the EU, it’s a betrayal of the millions of people risking their lives protesting on the streets in Burma since the coup.

It is essential that the EU sanctions military companies. They must stop European companies doing business with the vast business empire of the military, and helping the military make profits which they use to oppress the people of Burma.

Email EU governments telling them a holiday ban is not enough, and asking them to impose targeted sanctions on military companies.

(Note – you may get several automatic responses in different languages to your email but don’t worry, your message will get through)