Why does the EU avoid calling the Rohingya by their name?

Denial of Rohingya identity is part of the genocide against them. 

The Burmese government does not accept the Rohingya are an ethnic minority in Burma. Shockingly, when Burmese government officials complained about the use of the word Rohingya when talking about the Rohingya, many ambassadors and international visitors backed down to this racism and stopped using the word Rohingya. The EU and ambassadors from the EU often avoid using the word Rohingya when talking about Rohingya.

Last month, when the International Court of Justice made a ruling that the government of Burma had to take action to prevent violations of the genocide convention against the Rohingya, it stated that the Rohingya are a protected group.

The EU made two statements in response to the ruling. The statement issued from Brussels welcoming the ruling was surprisingly strong, and used the word Rohingya. However, the statement issued by EU heads of mission in Burma didn’t even mention the Rohingya.

How can the EU defend the rights of the Rohingya when they even avoid using their name?

Email the EU now calling on them to always use the word Rohingya when talking about the Rohingya.